Suzanne is best at helping her clients identify, negotiate, and close on the home of their choice. She listens to your needs, wants, and preferences to get the best sense for which homes, neighborhoods, and even particular streets will appeal to you. She wants your biggest concern to be answering the question, “Which of these three great homes should I buy?”


Extensive Local Knowledge

Suzanne has lived in various parts of Los Angeles in the last 25 years. She studies the markets she serves on a daily basis. With her knowledge, she will:

  • Get you acquainted with every neighborhood in your price range

  • Help you eliminate the areas you are not as fond of

  • Focus on the areas you like, even down to the street

  • Help you understand the local market conditions, active inventory, and what’s sold most recently

  • Get you in to see potential homes as soon as possible

  • Record a video tour of the house if you’re unable to attend

Expert Negotiation

Her expert negotiation strategies have helped her buyers buy their home at the best possible price. Almost all of her buyer transactions started out in a multiple offers situation, and she’s proud of her success rate of over 80% in getting her client’s offer accepted. She will:

  • Advise you on how to write a strong, compelling offer

  • Strategize when competing with multiple offers

  • Separate your offer from everyone else’s

  • Ensure your offer is presented as soon as possible

  • Get you your home at the best possible price


Who you choose to represent you is incredibly crucial in our competitive market. Suzanne is proud not only of her reputation among her clients, but her relationships with her colleagues which translates to her clients getting the home they want.

  • Maintain a small clientele in order to provide the very best service

  • Treat colleagues as colleagues, not competition

  • Her clients know they are receiving the best possible attention and service

  • On average, her clients see less than ten homes before purchasing (in the last year, three even bought the first home they saw!)


Initial Phone Consultation

Suzanne will schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with you. During this call, she will briefly discuss what you are looking for, your current situation, and any other questions or concerns you may have. She is happy to help make an initial determination on what your dollar can buy so you can be as realistic as possible. If you are obtaining financing, she will also discuss your options so you will be prepared and feel confident in your lenders even prior to meeting with her in person. To schedule an initial phone call, please contact us.

First Meeting

Purchasing a home is an exciting life event and a very personal process, so your first meeting with Suzanne is designed to be as comprehensive and educational as possible. She will answer all of your questions and determine if she is the right fit for you. This initial meeting time can range from 60 minutes to up to 2 hours.

During the meeting, the following topics will be discussed:

  • What is most important to you

  • Neighborhoods/areas of interest

  • The home buying process

  • Strategies for successful negotiation

  • Current market conditions and what your dollar will buy

  • How to mitigate any inevitable bumps that may pop up

  • How we work, and how a real estate professional is compensated

The expectations of both parties will also be discussed, as well as fiduciary responsibilities and how clients formalize their relationship with an agreement designating Suzanne as their Realtor. By the end of the meeting, it should be clear whether or not both parties are a good fit for each other.